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Don’t Waste Your Time & Money—Be Smart When Choosing Paint Finishes!

No matter what color you choose, the finish/sheen will dramatically change the look of your wall. The free guide below will help you to pick the right finish for your walls.

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When choosing your paint, you should consider a few things: the purpose of the room, the traffic which will be going in and out on the daily, and who will be using the space the most.

The higher the sheen—the higher the shine, which will ultimately be the most durable.

Let’s start off with the least amount of sheen and work our way to super shiny, shall we?

Flat— If your wall is riddled with imperfections, this is a great finish to cover them. A flat finish is richly saturated, leaving a velvety look. It won’t do well with scrubbing so make sure you watch the amount of traffic that might be coming through the space. So, it’s not the best option for a kids room. Great for ceilings, low traffic rooms, and accent walls.

Eggshell and Satin— Eggshell is a good finish when you have a wall that has some imperfections when you don’t want to go completely matte. Satin has a little more sheen than eggshell. Both are good for high traffic areas which need to be cleaned often. Keep in mind that satin will show flaws of the application a little more than eggshell, if you’re a novice painter eggshell may be the route to go.

Semigloss— Perfect for trim, doors, and furniture. This finish will be forgiving of application flaws and is easy to clean. Great for kids rooms and bathrooms.

Gloss— If you’re into glam style, this would be a great choice for you. With its maximum sheen, the light will reflect off of a moody color like no other. This will be your most durable finish and can combat moisture best. This option is good for bathrooms, windows, doors, and trim.

One last thing to keep in mind while choosing paints is VOC’s.

VOC stands for volatile organic compound, which can cause off-gassing. If you have the “new paint smell” going on, there may be VOC’s in the paint. VOC’s can be very harmful to your health. There are plenty of options with low-VOC and some VOC-free paints. Make sure you check with the vendor or do research on the paint you’re thinking of purchasing. Some paints may be low-VOC but have additives which can be harmful. Milk paints and mineral-based paints are a healthy option, however, they have a look of their own.

Hopefully, you were able to take a lot away from this post. Don’t forget to download your free guide to take with you to the paint store! If you need help with choosing paints or decorating your home, give OPO Interiors a call today (443) 812-1806.