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It’s been six and a half years since I last moved.

I’ve been living in a tiny, one bedroom, attic apartment, stacked on top of my landlords’ 1850s farmhouse for way too long.

While the apartment was a dream when I moved in at the age of 23, it’s been getting harder to deal with living in such a small space as I dive deeply into adulthood.

Issues like when the water stops running for 10 minutes when I’m midway through shampooing my hair, or, that time last winter in the middle of the night when a miscellaneous animal ran from underneath of my bed and into my closet, these things make living in a small apartment unbearable.

Speaking of the animal that visited me last winter, I should say that many animals have inhabited my low vaulted ceilings over the years. The current residents are a nest of baby birds who reside in the ceiling right above my pillow and act as my alarm clock every morning—Anyway…I’m getting off track. I have outgrown my apartment and I’m moving on to bigger and better things! I’ll be moving into a row home in Baltimore City that is twice the size of my current apartment and I’ll be documenting the horrors and joys of moving so you can see that with strategy and a plan you can make your move as pleasant and fun as possible!

Be sure to check out my future posts as I try to turn a hectic experience into a wonderful one that’s worth remembering…