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It’s now been two weeks since I moved into my new home.

Boxes are strewn about my office and my mattress is still on the floor of my bedroom patiently awaiting its new frame. Despite the chaos, I’m finally starting to feel settled in. Life is good and I am incredibly happy with this move thus far!

Packing for this move was a little crazy. I have been collecting “stuff” in my old apartment for over half a decade, items such as:

  • Things that I don’t need or care about anymore
  • Things that once meant so much to me but don’t have a space in this new chapter of my life
  • And, things that are a “must keep”.

It was hard to go through all of my “stuff” within a small time crunch but I felt it essential to sort and sift BEFORE the move. Thank goodness I did because since I moved in I’ve gotten rid of even more stuff that had made it past the original cut!

One of the hardest things to part with are the objects that had belonged to a loved one who has passed. The thing that keeps me going through this is to think about if I have/would ever use the object and, if the answer was no, I would remind myself that its original owner wouldn’t want me to keep it just so it could gather dust. Finding a good donation spot helps me with this by knowing that these objects would soon find a better home.

Since I prorated my rent for my old apartment, I was left with two weeks after my initial move, with the moving truck, to get the rest of my belongings out of my apartment. I’m feeling blessed and stressed! I wanted to do as much of the move myself that I could, so I have been constantly driving back and forth between my apartment and townhouse, bringing boxes up and down stairs daily. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

I have been trying to picture putting furniture in the different rooms of my new place. I want to start fresh in all the rooms except my guest room, which will get the furniture from my old bedroom.

Surprisingly to me, this has been the most stressful thing! One reason is because of the money I’ve been spending (those of you who know me, know that I do NOT like to spend money frivolously) and, two-because I want this place to look like my dream and I don’t want to make any mistakes.

So far, I’ve order pieces that were backordered until who knows when, received large pieces which were damaged and needed to be sent back (a total pain in the behind!), I’ve walked around stores for hours only to find the perfect piece and find out it would take months to receive, and all of this while having a deadline for Orchid’s website launch party at my house—I was NOT expecting this part to be so difficult!

Moving on, something that struck my heart strings was bringing over the boxes that my brother and I had put all of my recently deceased father’s pictures in. The pictures were thrown into two boxes that were overflowing and I wanted to sort it out and try to consolidate it all into one box. Let me tell you, when you change careers and move within a few weeks of each other-it is not the time, I repeat, not the time to go through photos of your father whom you just lost. I quickly backed out of that project to save it for another time. I think its important to prioritize what will make the biggest impact with unpacking and start there. Also, if something becomes too emotional for you, move onto something else and revisit said project——there’s nothing wrong with that!

Movers brain: I’m telling you, if this wasn’t a thing before, it is now! I have been clumsier than ever— I have bruises and scratches all over! I’ve made trips to drop off donations and realized that I had left a couple boxes by the front door. I ran over to the apartment to clean and forget the cleaning products back at the townhouse. I forget what day it is… “Is it Tuesday? WHAT? Its Friday?!?” It’s getting really irritating, but soon I’ll be able to relax!

As an organizer, you would think I would have a blast with putting my kitchen away. While its larger in floor space, there’s not as much cabinet space and the layout is very strange. It was a huge puzzle to figure out how to fit everything. I ended up pulling out everything from the boxes (thank goodness I packed “like” things in the boxes and labeled them-this made it a lot easier to put everything away), then I got out some index cards, labeled those with what I wanted to go on each shelf and taped them to the cabinets so I could move the cards around until I figured out a way to get everything to fit. I’m happy with the finished product. I did get creative and use a piece of furniture in the living room to hide some of my platter dishes as an example.