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I am now a month and some change into living at this beautiful home.

I have all of my furniture, artwork is on the walls, and my office is almost completely set up.

*Takes deep breath*

I made it through the move! Everyday I wake up to a dream, a beautiful house which feels more like a home everyday that goes by. I love it! I have great neighbors and awesome restaurants that I can walk to, life is really good. While the move was stressful (okay VERY stressful) at times, I was able to keep sanity by organizing.

Walking out of this move, my tips would be:

  • Purge through your stuff BEFORE the move
  • Box “like” things and LABEL!!
  • Prioritize which rooms and what you should unpack first.
  • If things get emotional or stressful, take a break!
  • And, have fun with it! As a kid, on the way to my grandparents shore house, my dad would always tell me to “enjoy the ride, because that’s half of the journey!”

If you have a big move coming up and need some extra hands packing, or need some help unpacking and organizing, give Orchid Professional Organizing a call. We will come give you a hand, and we’ll have a little fun while we’re at it!