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Wedding Registry Ideas – Engagement Package

Make Your Dreams Come True

OPO Interiors would like to congratulate you on your engagement; what an exciting new chapter this will be!

Creating registries and planning the style of your home can be overwhelming to some. At OPO Interiors, we’ve had many couples ask us to help them blend their styles into one. Many felt hopeless, wondering if they would ever fully enjoy the space they resided in since they liked two very different styles of design. After their design assessment, every couple instantly had relief in knowing that their voice was heard and had confidence that their new space would tell a story of both of their personalities. 

This got the owner of OPO Interiors thinking of a great concept. Since engaged couples typically put together a registry list of items for their home and new life together, why not put a little rhyme and reason to what they add to it, thus resulting in our Engagement Package. This is an opportunity to create a dream space with your spouse, a room in your home which will speak volumes about both of you and the journey that you’re beginning with one another. The best part? Your friends and family get to be a part of it as well. When you share your registry with them they will be able to choose from an itemized list of furnishings and decor that you will need for your new design. Think about the amazing reveal party you can host to show all of your loved ones the finished product! 



“They will work with your vision or help you create one. ”

-Asta, OPO Client

The Package:

An interior decorator is the perfect source for wedding registry ideas! This package starts with a detailed Comprehensive Design Assessment to determine you and your spouses styles, likes and dislikes, the function of the space, and a budget which you’d like to stay within.

After the assessment, your decorator will send over some layouts for your space. You and your lover will choose a layout and then your decorator will get to work on a 2D Concept Board. You will be able to send notes to/from your decorator and approve/disapprove items on the board to ensure that we’ve captured your style to a T. 

Once you have approved your Concept Board, your decorator will source specific furnishing and decor to curate your Dream Room Registry. When your registry is complete, you can add it to your shower and wedding invitations so your family and friends can get involved with helping you fund your new oasis! 

Whether you fund some of this room yourself or your family and friends cover it fully, you can get started on purchasing the items as you please. When all of the items are purchased and delivered you’ll contact your decorator to set up a time for her to come out to set up your room just as it was envisioned. Wedding registry ideas have never come so easily!

The price of this package varies due to the client’s needs and the size of the room. For example, some clients may want paint and wallpaper, lighting, or renovations added to their design while others may only need furnishings and decor. Your specific pricing will be determined and emailed to you within 48 hours after the design assessment. Pricing starts at $1,000.